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Lydias Jewellers

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Lydia’s Jewellers Gordon is an industry leader in providing brilliant customer service, ensuring that all client's needs are met.

 On the 1st of December 2011 Sylvia Geroyan became the proud owner of the store in Gordon, Sydney, along with her daughter Caroline and their professional and devoted staff.

Trained to the highest standards and with a broad knowledge of the jewellery industry, they work tirelessly to understand the desires and needs of the community.

"Our passion to deliver outstanding customer service, coupled with our prestigious array of jewellery for everybody on every budget is what I believe makes us the number one destination for jewellery in the North Shore area," confirms Sylvia. 

The store boasts an exquisite range of diamonds and coloured, gold and silver, lustrous pearls, men’s and ladies watches, world renowned jewellery brands as well as their own signature collection that Sylvia personally handpicks from around the world.

 Lydia’s Jewellers works alongside a Master Jeweller with 46 years of experience, maintaining pride and precision in understanding the desires of their clients, handing over the perfect piece time and time again.

Understanding that the maintenance and reparation of your jewellery is of paramount importance, Sylvia and her team take the utmost care of your precious piece from the moment it is received until it is handed it back to you, allowing Lydia's Jewellers to uphold an enviable reputation for repairing and creating even the toughest jobs, and delivering the perfect results endlessly. 

"Sylvia, the staff and myself take on a real "hands on" approach with the store," states Caroline. "I have trained the girls to treat the store as their own business, and I believe that this expression of genuine interest and care for our community's needs and desires, is how we have maintained our loyal and ever growing clientele. At the end of the day it's all about the customer and how best to service them."